RHI payments are at their highest.

Apply now to get your government funding before the money drops

RHI payments are at their highest.

Apply now to get your government funding before the money drops

The Most Advanced Air Source Heat Pump For Your Home

Apply now to see if you’re eligible for home energy government incentives.

The Most Advanced Air Source Heat Pump For Your Home

Our Air Source Heat Pump provides you with the energy solution you deserve.

RHI payments are readily available. Fill out the form to see if you’re eligible for government incentives today.

Apply now to see if you’re eligible for home energy government incentives.

  • RHI is the UK Government financial incentive to promote the use of renewable heat
  • You are issued payments which are meant to help offset the cost of installing and running the system
  • The UK’s target to reach 12% of renewable heat sources by 2020 is incentivised by the RHI
  • First payment will be made three months after the date you applied and at the tariff rate applicable at that date

Ofgem will now pay all home owners for 7 years

All you require is an EPC, HEIS and MCS certificate

You will receive payments every 3 months for 7 years

Payments are made directly to the system owner


We know the most important part of our service is to make you feel comfortable and confident in our company. Our range of manuals and documents are available to help you understand the future of renewable energy heating systems and why we need to move to a low carbon environment. We are accredited by many bodies in the energy sector, here to validate EVERY contract so when we guarantee your services, you know it’s the truth.

High Efficient Energy Use

Cut your home energy bills and CO2 emissions.

Money Back Incentives Schemes

Eligible for 7 years of payments from the RHI and MMSP schemes

Low Noise

Endorsed with the Quiet Mark from the Noise Abatement Society

Self-Contained And Versatile

Only electricity and water connections required


  1. A sound power level of only 45 dB at 1 metre
  2. 3 times quieter than the model it replaces
  3. Lower noise level than a normal conversation
  4. Made specifically for UK residential use


  1. Air source heat pumps take in air from outside
  2. The heat pump absorbs warmth in the air and converts this to higher temperatures via a refrigerant circuit
  3. Heat is then sent to radiators and/or underfloor heating – the remainder is stored in a hot water cylinder
  4. Stored hot water can be used for showers baths and taps


What is the lifetime of a Heat Pump?

On average the lifespan of a Heat Pump is over 20 years

What incentives do I receive from installing a Heat Pump?

Tariffs set the rate for your Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. People who join the scheme and stick to its rules receive quarterly payments over seven years.

How does an Air Source Heat Pump work?

Air Source Heat Pumps circulate the warmth in the air from one place to another to heat homes and other buildings. It will even work in temperatures as low as -25c.

Do I need to remove my boiler?

Your heat pump will deliver all of your heating and hot water demands as long as the size and installation is correct.

Do my other heat sources need to be removed?

No, your Air Source Heat Pump can run alongside other heat sources, such as wood burning stoves etc.

How do you install the Heat Pump?

The Air Source Heat Pump system consists of an outdoor unit, and/or a hot water cylinder – all connected using existing pipework in your home where sutiable.

What is the cost of an Air Source Heat Pump?

Every Air Source Heat Pump is designed bespokely for each home. We offer home assessments to guarantee the best cost for your property.

Does a Heat Pump require any maintenance?

There is only a minor maintence jobs that fortunately the owner can do themselves. It includes cleaning the outdoor unti and keeping it free of debris. It is also important to have your system serviced once a year. REST will supply you with details of this.

Can I automatically program my Heat Pump?

Yes, you will have full controllability of your Heat Pump system. From the thermostat, mobile phone or other connected devices.

What is the right sized Heat Pump for my property?

REST offer a free survey for your property. We will make sure that your system size is correct and the most beneficial to you.

Why is there steam coming from the Heat Pump on cold days?

This means the heat pump is in a defrost cycle. Acting as a condenser to prevent ice build up, the outdoor fan will stop to increase the temperature.

Are Heat Pumps noisy?

The Air Source Heat Pump systems all fall into the permitted development catagory. Fortunately this means they are not noisy.

Is it possible that my Heat Pump will work with existing radiators?

Yes, Heat Pumps can be connected to your existing radiators, underfloor heating, water tank etc. Your systems compatibility will be checked during our home survey.


What will happen to my oil tank?

Having an Air Source Heat Pump means you will no longer require oil to heat your home.

What other benefits come from installing a heat pump?

With a heat pump, you don’t need to worry about a flue, oil tank or gas connections. Plus you wont need to pay in advance to store fuel.

What happens to my LPG tank?

This can now be removed as you no longer require any LPG to heat your home.

What incentives will I receive?

You will receive payments from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme if the Heat pump is installed through an accredited installer such as REST.

How much money am I saving with a Heat Pump?

Although the heat pump still needs electricity to drive the unit, most of the energy required to heat your home and hot water will come from environmental energy.